Welcome to All Rack Bikes

Welcome to All Rack Bikes

One Rack for All Your Bikes...


Welcome to All Rack

A compact hitch-mounted bike carrier that securely holds twice the number of bikes as most other racks. Now the whole family can ride!

Eight bikes on one rack!

If you have a big family, or ever needed to transport more than three or four bicycles at a time, you'll appreciate the problem that the All Rack elegantly solves. If you're mixing adult and children's bikes, you can fit up to eight on the All Rack! That's crazy awesome.

The All Rack attaches to a standard 2" trailer hitch, and then modular wheel baskets can be added or removed from the top bar as needed. The modular nature of the baskets is a real innovation, allowing you to add or remove bikes of various sizes and wheel dimensions as you wish. Bikes are securely held by their respective basket, and then each wheel is also strapped to the rack itself for added security and stability.

One of the many benefits of this design is that bikes don't need to be removed in any specific order, unlike many other carriers. If you want to take one bike off the All Rack, just lift it out of its basket, and leave the other bikes on the rack!