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Kickstarting the Ultimate Accessory for Cycling Families

Finally, a bicycle carrier that can hold everyone’s bikes.

A Calgary inventor has created a revolutionary bike carrier that can hold up to eight bikes. He is launching the product via Kickstarter with a $13,000 funding goal in order to begin production on a larger scale.

If you’re part of a cycling family, you’re familiar with this problem: most hitch-mounted bike carriers on the market can only accommodate up to four bikes. A few expensive, specialized units can handle up to six bikes, but only if they are mountain bikes. Thanks to a Calgary engineer (and father of five little cyclists), a bike rack for families is finally a reality. Holding up to eight bikes of different sizes and types, the All Rack is the perfect accessory for a family that likes to travel and cycle together.

Brandon Wilde is the engineer who invented the All Rack, which incorporates a number of innovations into its design that make it stand out from other carriers on the market. Its system of modular wheel baskets allow for virtually any type of bike to be secured to the rack, including the latest “fat tire” bikes that are increasingly popular among avid cyclists. Simple rugged straps secure each wheel to the steel frame of the All Rack, making for a safe and worry-free trip.

Brandon spends many summer days with his family cycling in Southern Alberta, where he was born and raised, particularly in the area surrounding Waterton Park. As Brandon’s family grew, his problem became increasingly apparent; an inability to easily transport his family’s bikes. Like any creative engineer, he used his background in industrial design and fabrication to create a unique solution.

“I’m an engineer,” says Brandon, “I’ve been building things my whole life. I love working with my hands and figuring out how to build something new; how to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved before, and come up with a creative new way to make life easier.”

After crafting multiple 3-D models of his idea in a computer-aided design program, Brandon built his first “All Rack” prototype alone in his garage, where, among other tools, he has industrial metal cutters and a high-powered welding torch. Over the course of two years, he refined and improved his design, manufactured dozens of iterations of the All Rack before settling on one he felt served every conceivable function. (A nice touch: the All Rack can move to a locked position tilted away from the back of a vehicle, at an angle that allows for trunk access without necessitating the disengagement of the rack from the hitch.)

“I started using it,” says Brandon, “taking it to different places with my family, and it worked great! We got all our bikes where we wanted to go.” It didn’t take long before friends, family and even strangers on the street would ask Brandon about his unique bike rack, and inquire where they might get one of their own.

That’s when Brandon realized that there must be other families just like his out there who would love the All Rack. On August 1, 2015, Brandon launched his first Kickstarter campaign with a fundraising goal of $15,000 to help him scale up production and get the All Rack to market for anyone who wants it. Brandon may have to move production out of his garage, but he does want to keep the manufacturing of the All Rack in Alberta, where it was originally created.

Brandon even created an All Rack accessory; a wheeled dolly with a built in hitch that attaches to the All Rack so that families can store their bikes on the All Rack even when they’re not traveling. The dolly keeps the bikes organized out of the way yet easily accessible in a garage, or anywhere.